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  • A purchase/sale agreement expressly states the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction.
  • Before preparing the agreement, we advise you to conduct a title search to confirm that the property is not mortgaged or encumbered in any way, that it is not engaged in any legal matters and that it is indeed in the name of the Seller.
  • It is also advisable to obtain an escrow agent, who is a trusted third party who will hold the funds in his account until the conditions of the agreement are met. To this end, the interests of both parties are safeguarded.
  • We provide both escrow services and title searches for an additional fee.
  • Full name and address of the Seller and Buyer
  • Copy of title (conveyance, land certificate, certificate of title, etc. )
  • Copy of survey
  • Purchase Price
  • Payment Plan (e.g. down payment, monthly payments, number of years and interest rates)
  • Copy of land tax statement and receipt
  • How defaults should be dealt with (e.g. grace period, cancellation of agreement, etc.)
  • Special Clauses or Additional Information
Preparation of Sale AgreementUS $500.00
Administrative FeesUS $50.00
Sub-totalUS $550.00
General Sales Tax (12.5%)US $ 68.75
TotalUS $618.75
An additional $500.00 will be charged if the purchase agreement will include terms on owner’s financing.

Any additional time other than incidentals above and change of standard agreement will be charged at US $75.00 per hour plus administrative fee and general sales tax of 12.5%.


Title Search for Declared LandUS $ 500.00
Title Search for Undeclared LandUS $ 700.00
Purchase AgreementUS $ 500.00
Purchase Agreement with Owner’s Financing US $ 1000.00
Escrow AgreementUS $ 250.00
Escrow ServicesUS $ 500.00  (For properties that cost US $100,000. or less)
Escrow ServicesUS $1,000.00  (For properties that cost between US $100,001. and US $200,000)
Escrow ServicesUS $2,000.00  (For properties that cost between US $200,001. and US $500,000)
Escrow Services1/2% of the value  (For properties that cost more than US $500,001.)
Charge on propertyUS $ 250.00
Discharge of Charge US $ 250.00
MortgageUS $ 1,000.00
Cancellation of MortgageUS $ 500.00
Transfer of Title for Declared Land US $ 550.00
Transfer of Title for Undeclared Land US $ 750.00
Transfer of Title with Covenants US $ 1,050.00
Strata Title for CondominiumsUS $ 1,000.00per unit
First Registration for declared land US $350.00 (does not include title search and survey fee)
Payment of property taxes US $100.00per lot per year
Review of contract for recommendationsUS $ 500.00 minimum or 1/2% (whichever is greater)
Plus General Sales Tax of 12.5%, administrative fees and filing fees.

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