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  • Provide exclusive representation and personalized service to the buyer
  • Traditionally agents are legally obligated to represent the seller; we offer a better standard of service to the buyer and work in the best interests of the buyer
  • Conduct a title search to ensure that the property is not mortgaged or encumbered, that it is not engaged in legal conflicts and that it is indeed in the name of the Seller (See optional services)
  • Provide escrow services on funds until the conditions of the agreement are met (See optional services)
  • Consult with the buyer regarding counter offers and negotiate on the buyer's behalf
  • Indiscriminately reveal all the facts (negative and positive) affecting the value of the property
  • Assess the market price of the property and can provide an appraisal (See optional services)
  • Help the buyer save time, money and effort, since we only show the buyer properties that meet his interest
  • Confirm that needed corrections/repairs of property are completed
  • Find affordable and experienced contractor for custom built homes/buildings
  • Supply information and estimates for any service requested
  • Give buyer thorough representation through the process of purchasing property, from the title search to contract negotiation to the closing and transfer of title
  • Your full name and contact information
  • A copy of your passport
  • Information on your business/profession
  • Price Range for property you are seeking
  • Type of Property: Developed, Underdeveloped, etc.
  • Location of Property: Beachfront, Riverfront, Urban (City), Suburban, Village, Forest, etc.
  • Size of Property
  • Type of building: Condo, Residential, Commercial, etc.
  • Size of building: Number of Units, Bedrooms, Baths, etc.
  • Estimated time/date of purchase: immediately, next year, etc.
  • Special needs or additional information

We require a retainer fee of US $500.00 to begin the process. Our buyer's agent fee is 5% of the sale price, which is usually deducted from the sale price. If the seller does not cooperate with us to pay our buyer's agent fee, then the buyer becomes responsible for our fees.


Title Search for Declared LandUS $ 500.00
Title Search for Undeclared LandUS $ 700.00
Purchase AgreementUS $ 500.00
Purchase Agreement with Owner’s Financing US $ 1000.00
Escrow AgreementUS $ 250.00
Escrow ServicesUS $ 500.00  (For properties that cost US $100,000. or less)
Escrow ServicesUS $1,000.00  (For properties that cost between US $100,001. and US $200,000)
Escrow ServicesUS $2,000.00  (For properties that cost between US $200,001. and US $500,000)
Escrow Services1/2% of the value  (For properties that cost more than US $500,001.)
Charge on propertyUS $ 250.00
Discharge of Charge US $ 250.00
MortgageUS $ 1,000.00
Cancellation of MortgageUS $ 500.00
Transfer of Title for Declared Land US $ 550.00
Transfer of Title for Undeclared Land US $ 750.00
Transfer of Title with Covenants US $ 1,050.00
Strata Title for CondominiumsUS $ 1,000.00per unit
First Registration for declared land US $350.00 (does not include title search and survey fee)
Payment of property taxes US $100.00per lot per year
Review of contract for recommendationsUS $ 500.00 minimum or 1/2% (whichever is greater)
Plus General Sales Tax of 12.5%, administrative fees and filing fees.

Do you need us to do a title search?Yes No 
Do you need us to prepare an escrow agreement?Yes No 
Do you need us to be your escrow agent?Yes No 
Do you need an appraisal of the property?Yes No 

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