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For Directors and Managers of a Local Company (Chapter 250)


  1. Applications are submitted to the Labour Department in the district the business will operate
  2. Applicants are required to have a valid passport and updated visa entry
  3. Belize work permits are only valid for one year
  4. Work Permit is NOT renewable, applicants must apply every year (if needed)
  5. You may apply for Permanent Residence after receiving your 2nd permit
  1. Application Form (this is provided)
  2. Passport Copies of Complete Passport (including all blank pages)
  3. Seven (7) Passport Photographs
  4. Original Police Record from last place of residence, issued 1 month before applying
  5. Police record from Belize
  6. Recommendation from Village Council/Town Board where business will be located
  7. Recommendation from Belize Tourism Board or Relative Agency if the business is Tourism oriented (we can arrange an appointment)
  8. Belize Local Corporation
  9. Local bank account for Local Corporation
  10. Belize Trade License depending where the business will be located. The business will need to have a physical location to be inspected for trade license approval.
  11. New Local Companies are required to submit a Business Plan to be vetted by the Ministry of Economic Development/BELTRAIDE before submitting application to Labour Department. For business plan guidelines, kindly request from us.
  12. Certificates, Diplomas, Credentials, etc.
  13. Proof of funding of Business


  1. The Local Company and relevant Licenses should be obtained and attached to the Business Plan before submitting the application to be vetted by BELTRAIDE
  2. Applicants will be required to attend an interview with the Labour Department after Local Company approval has been received from BELTRAIDE along with supporting documents
  3. The process takes 2 – 3 months before response from the Labor Department. Additional documents may be requested by the Labour Department depending on the nature of the business
  4. While you are waiting for a response from the Labor Department, you will be required to extend your passport stamp with the Immigration Department for a separate fee.
  5. When the application is approved a fee of BZ $2,000.00 (US $1,000.00) is to be paid to the Government at the Immigration Department in Cash.
  6. Once application is approved, the business will be registered at the Income Tax Department and obtain its Business Identification Number
  7. Applicants will be required to apply for their Social Security Card/Valid for Employment in the district the business will be operating. The card is only valid for one year.

    Work Permit Processing fee for single applicant in Belize City Only

    US $ 900.00

    Administrative & Miscellaneous Expenses
    (Courier, Telephone, Fax, Photocopy, Stamp, Labour Dept. Fee)

    US $ 200.00


    US $ 1100.00

    General Sales Tax (12.5% of $1100.00)

    US $ 137.50

    Total Due

    US $ 1237.50

    * Note that a separate fee for submission of work permit application will be levied depending on the location where the business will be operating.

    Trade License Application Fee

    US $ 281.25

    (A non-refundable fee of BZ$150.00 (US $75.00 must be accompanying the application.) Separate fee applies when the trade license has been approved)
    • Office Use as Inspection Site for trade license (limited period of 3 months)

    US $ 225.00

    • Accompanying the applicant to Labour Department for the Interview in US $ 168.75 Belize City.

    US $ 168.75

    *Note that a separate fee for submission of work permit application and interview will be levied depending on the location where business will be operating. (See our fee schedule)

    The cost of re-application for our customers whose work permit we submitted on their behalf is as follows:
    Processing FeeUS $ 600.00
    Administrative FeeUS $ 100.00
    General Sales Tax (12.5% of $700.00) US $   87.50
    Total DueUS $ 787.50

    Note that when a company is applying for more than 1 work permit at the same time for the same company the 2nd application is charged at US $787.50 (as per re-application fee).

    The Annual Fees to be paid to the Government upon approval of the permit remains at BZ $2,000.00 (US $1,000.00) in Cash.


c Social Security Number for Employees/Employer   c Hotel License
c Social Security Monthly Reports   c Health Certificate License
c Tax Identification Number (TIN)   c Real Estate Services
c Tax Monthly Reports   c Title Search
c Bookkeeping/Accounting Services   c Legal Services
c Trade License   c Register DBA Names
c Liquor License   c Development Concessions

Fee Schedule for Work Permit Submission & Interview Outside of Belize City

Air Transportation

From To Service Fee USD Transportation USD GST TOTAL USD
Belize San Pedro $ 150.00 $ 82.00 12.5% $ 250.75
Belize Dangriga $ 150.00 $ 94.00 12.5% $ 262.75
Belize Punta Gorda $ 150.00 $ 215.50 12.5% $ 384.25
Belize Corozal $ 150.00 $ 172.50 12.5% $ 341.25

Land Transportation

From To Service Fee USD Transportation USD GST TOTAL USD
Belize Cayo $ 150.00 $ 80.00 12.5% $ 248.75
Belize Belmopan $ 150.00 $ 40.00 12.5% $ 208.75
Belize Orange Walk $ 150.00 $ 50.00 12.5% $ 218.75

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