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Investing in Belize - With the rapid growth of Belizeís tourism industry, the need for investors in the real estate and hotel industry have created many opportunities. Our corporate services can get you started by registering your local company to manage your investment. Investing in Belize also includes Aquaculture, Agribusiness and Information Technology such as call centers.

Bank Account - A Bank Account can facilitate your company in doing business locally and make your business investment complete. You can also apply for online banking, credit and/or debit cards. We work with the most prominent banks in Belize that offer secure and reliable services.

Working in Belize - Applying for a work permit will give you the legal status to manage your own business. Work permit applications take approximately 2-4 weeks to be processed.

The new Government of Belize, in its continuous effort to expand the level of economic activity, promotes and lends support to all industries and welcomes new initiatives by offering an array of incentives and benefits with programs such as Development Concessions, Export Processing Zones and Commercial Free Zones. You can review the services below for more information on Investing in Belize.

Corporate Services
  1. Local Company Requirements
  2. Local Company Application    [PDF]
  3. Local Company Dissolution
  4. Dominica Economic Citizenship
  5. Business Name Requirements
  6. Foreign Company Registration Requirement
  7. NGO Requirements
  8. Company Transfer Requirements
  9. Local Corporate Bank Account Requirements
  10. Work Permit Requirements
  11. Recruitment Services Requirements
  12. Permanent Residence Requirements
  13. Business License Services
  14. Tax Registration Services
Investment Services
  1. Fiscal Incentive, Development Concession Requirements
  2. Fiscal Incentive, Development Concession Application
  3. Export Processing Zone Requirements (EPZ)
  4. Commercial Free Zone Requirements (CFZ)
Real Estate Services
  1. Buyers Agent Real Estate Requirements
  2. Purchase/Sale Agreement Requirements
  3. Escrow Agreement & Escrow Services Requirements
  4. Escrow Agreement & Escrow Services Application    [PDF]
  5. Land Title Investigation Requirements
  6. Replacement Title
  7. First Registration Requirements
  8. Lease Agreement Requirements
  9. Foreclosure Requirements
Other Services
  1. Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  2. Business Plan Requirements
  3. Business Valuation Requirements
  4. Pet Dogs & Cats Requirements
  5. Employment Agreement Requirements
  6. Loan Agreement Requirements

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