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For Holders of Work Permit

This program is for persons who have resided in Belize for one year and have not left the country for more than 14 days at any one time. If you have left the country for more than permitted, the application will not be accepted, and you will need to start the process over.

Documents and Application

1. Application Form
2. Passport Copy of all Pages along with Original Passport
3. 3 Recent Passport Photographs
4. Authentic/Original Police Record in Belize for applicant, wife and children 16 years and older.
5. Medical Examination (Get Form) including original HIV and VDRL Test Results (Must be done in Belize)
6. Birth Certificate (Original and Copy)
7. Marriage Certificate (Original and Copy)
8. Current Work Permit (Original and Copy)
9. Recent Belize Income Tax Return (Personal and Company)
10. Sworn Declaration of Support of Wife/Husband and children
11. If Husband or wife and children are to be included, they will require # 2 - 6.

Other documents required

12. Monthly Returns to Sales Tax, Business Tax and Social Security
13. List of Company's Assets and Monthly Expenses
14. Recent Business/Personal Bank Statements
15. Employee Information Sheet
16. Recent Business Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements
17. Company Documents and recently filed Annual Report
18. Evidence you & your family are legally in the country, by proof of extended time of stay or other documentation.
19. Title of Land or Lease of Land Property (if applicable)
20. Photocopies with Original Documents (Originals will be returned)

General Information

 Valid Passport
 Meet twice with an Immigration Officer for the Application Interview
 All family members must attend the interviews
 All documents must be completed before applying
 You must not leave the country for more than 14 days
 Your company must be operating in Belize

Residency Fees

Application Processing Fees US $ 1,500.00
Estimated Out of Pocket Expenses / Miscellaneous,
Including trips to Belmopan, telephone, fax, e-mail, photocopy, postage stamp, courier and other office supplies
US $ 200.00
General Sales Tax (12.5% of 1,700.00)US $ 212.50
TOTAL DUEUS $ 1,912.50
Government Fees to be paid depends on Applicants NationalityUS $250 -$5,000
Plus Cost of Permanent Residence CardUS $150.00 per person
Major Nationalities 
Citizens from the United States of America US $1,000.00
Citizens from European CountriesUS $2,000.00
Citizens from CanadaUS $2,500.00

PO Box 2284, #16 Albert Hoy Avenue, Belama Phase 1,

TEL: 501-223-2077/2149 E-MAIL
US TEL: 954-323-8314 E-MAIL
FAX: 501-223-5313CELLULAR: 501-610-5166

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